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  • Sekolah Djuwita (National Plus) – Batam

Sekolah Djuwita (National Plus) – Batam

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Sekolah Djuwita In Batam, our playgroup and primary (SD) to high school (SMA) grades are divided into two campuses..

Anggrek Permai campus houses our playgroup (pre-school). It was the first playgroup to be built in Batam and still remains one of the best Playgroup’s and most popular playgroup’s in Batam.List’s content goes here!
Anggrek Mas houses our kindergarten (TK) to high school levels (SMA). The school is currently undergoing a massive infrastructure upgrade. As of today, we’ve completed the addition of the third floor, installation of a new central air condition system for all classrooms, the construction of two new computer lab and central theatre hall located on the third floor. By the end of the 2007 / 2008 school term, we will complete the playground extension with new playground equipment, sports centre, two new science labs, the remodeling of the canteen, bathroom upgrades, new library and a brand new home economics room.


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